“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” Anthony J. D’Angelo 


We are often asked to help develop strategies to meet unmet needs in a community/region by facilitating authentic partnerships between school, church, community and government. Many of our programmes and projects have evolved from seeking to meet unmet needs or to offer support towards expanding existing services through a wider network of partners.

We have on occasion been able to meet these objectives through short term service projects in Scotland, the UK and overseas. We can organize bespoke projects lasting from a few days to a couple of weeks. These work best when limited to 12-15 people. We feel that short term service teams are an opportunity to not just ‘see the need and make a difference’, but also an experience that fosters ability and confidence in developing your own values and beliefs.


West 2 East Ride Across Scotland

Scottish members of CMA joined with SaN and various bikers from across Scotland to carry out the inaugural West to East ride across Scotland. SaN organised this day-long event in partnership with CMA and helped raise funds for a Mozambique charity. These funds were used to purchase bikes for community leaders in Mozambique to equip them to better serve their widely spread rural communities.

Short Term Service Teams

We use these teams in meeting our charitable objectives to help relieve poverty; advance human rights, education, health and community development; and to promote religious and racial harmony. To date, our recent outgoing destinations have been in the Middle East and Africa. A small group of teachers from Scotland went to Cairo, Egypt and conducted a conference for teachers from all across Egypt. 67 Egyptian teachers were in attendance.

Another team of S5 pupils went to Egypt and distributed food to the poor, gave lessons on healthy eating and dental care to kindergarten children, had workshops for teachers and parents of those children, and hosted a celebration day for disabled young people. We have also hosted teams of visitors from the US that have organised youth activities, summer clubs, community clean ups and centre refurbishments.

Future Possibilites

Scotland, Europe, Rwanda and Congo

The Best is Yet to Come!