“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Nelson Mandela


Bright Sparks

Now moving into its third full year and recently expanded into 4 schools with the receipt of some Glasgow Council funding, and we have 3 more schools on the waiting list. This programme addresses the issue of learning delays that many children from areas of deprivation are often faced with. Volunteer tutors work with upper primary school pupils in literacy and numeracy through engaging activities. We will begin a new Bright Sparks pilot for Secondary School pupils in 2016-2017. So watch this space. This pilot will also include outdoor learning activities as well as numeracy and literacy revision. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in this programme or if you’re interested in knowing more about it.

Global Village

An interactive display that focuses on enabling students to become “effective contributors and responsible citizens” while displaying confidence in their own values and beliefs. It allows a class to complete an exhibit within one fifty-minute class period. It provides a springboard for future classroom lessons with resource packs that are given to the school. At the end of the activity a “debrief” is included which puts what pupils have just experienced into a more personal perspective as they realise their responsibility to be part of the solution. Students are faced with the thought, “with knowledge comes great responsibility”, now that they’ve seen the needs how could they make a difference, together!

The Interrupted Learners Service (ILS)

The Interrupted Learners Service (ILS) is part of Glasgow’s overall provision to address all additional support needs. ILS attempts to improve the effect of extended disruption to education that some children and young people can experience for a range of reasons. Stretch a Nickel Foundation has partnered with the ILS team to help recruit additional service provision partners and create bespoke sessions not as an alternative to school attendance but as a temporary support until the young people can re-engage with an educational establishment.

Contact Pauline Harte for more information about the Interrupted Learner’s Service.

Email:  Pauline.Harte@glasgow.gov.uk

Phone:  0141 287 3639