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Our Story

Stretch a Nickel's vision and values

Our charity was set up to address unmet needs in local communities. We believe that generous giving goes a lot further than you think. SAN connects with people wanting to see those who face disadvantage prosper and grow.  We invest our resources in new ways of working together and so multiply the outcomes.

Thanks to the willingness of schools, agencies and local people to try different ways of doing things, SAN has piloted a number of successful and replicable learning projects. Click here for details about our innovative schemes to support primary school pupils from vulnerable households. 

Meet our trustees

Our board currently has these trustees:

Each trustee offers a range of skills, life experiences and expertise to aid SAN with its core purposes. 


The charity’s registered aims are:

  • The charity’s registered aims are:

  • The relief of poverty;

  • The advancement of education

  • The improvement of health

  • The advancement of citizenship and community development 

  • The progression of human rights

  • The promotion of religious and racial harmony

Our Mission

Our Vision

Is one of a lifestyle of generosity in every way. As we connect with one another, invest our time, talents and resources; we multiply our efforts to transform our communities.

Adults round a table discussing Kitbag

Our Mission

We aim to bring together representatives from charities, faith groups, community services, and government to focus on making positive effects in local communities and developing countries through equipping individual, communities and nations with the tools for transformation.

Our Core Values

CONNECT with one another in unity INVEST our time, talents and resources MULTIPLY our efforts to bring transformation

World cloud showing core values
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