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Cop26 Plastic Fantastic

We piloted a plastic recycling project with Bankhead Primary this November. During Cop26 children at Bankhead Primary, Rutherglen, were collecting plastics and learning about reuse, reduce, recycle. The children weighed the plastic to calculate how much C02 they would prevent going into the atmosphere if they recycled all the plastic. They were astonished by the amount of plastic was collected - 40kg over 2 weeks.

Stretch a Nickel employed Claash Collective artists to work with the children who created a plastic mural, that is now displayed on the railings of the school. This project has helped to raise awareness about recycling in the local community and in the school. It is a bright and colourful mural made entirely from the plastic collected at the school.

Read more about it here:

We hope this has inspired others to think about taking care of our planet and how beautiful it really is.

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