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What They Say

ASN Sports Club

Providing sports activities for ASN children and a support network for parents.


“It allows both myself and my son to socialize in a comfortable
non-judgmental environment.”

“This club helps my son socialize and to be part of a team. The support and advice from other parents in a similar situation is invaluable.”


”It’s our club and it’s cool. You get to do stuff with friends. It’s awesome.”

“I like our coach – he is really funny and the games are fun!” 


A mentoring programme for primary ages children.

Volunteer Mentors

“I have been encouraged, as a mentor for Bullseye, to see the youngsters’ confidence grow as they enjoy the activities they would normally have been reluctant to participate in. As the year progresses it is inspiring to see children improve in their relational skills and understanding of self-worth. The children work in groups and thereby experience the positive results of working as a team and their achievement rewarded by way of partaking in superior outings and events.”

“From a personal point of view, being a mentor for Bullseye has been one of the highlights of the first 4 years of my (early) retirement. There are so many plus points:
1) The privilege of getting alongside kids from a different background from my own and helping them achieve and discover things for themselves.
2) Being part of a well run team of like-minded and extremely likeable people.
3) Making some impact by giving time and interest.”


Global Village

An interactive display that challenges children on how to be Global Citizens.

“This event was one of the best run by a visiting group at the school. The movement and interaction between each station enabled the pupils to feel involved with each presentation. The use of ICT, images and practical examples gave each station its own sense of vibrancy. The pupils were definitely engaged both intellectually and emotionally with what was being delivered. This has been the best Global Citizenship 1hr session I have seen yet. The approach and methodology behind this coincides brilliantly with the ethos of a Curriculum for Excellence.” RME PT

“Thank you for the excellent work you did in our school with The Global Village during our recent citizenship event. The pupils loved it and it was judged to be the highlight of our programme! It is an effective and engaging global citizenship resource.” Headteacher

“I found the sessions very interesting. Pupils were visibly moved by each section. Every group that I observed showed real emotion when hearing the different stories and the plight was highlighted by video clips, photographs and the props such as clothes, bottle of dirty water and the clay cups. These sessions definitely stirred up strong feelings within all of the groups, because of the injustice of it all.” Business Studies Department Teacher

“The people were friendly and the emotional stories show you what really happens in other countries. I wish there had been more stations.”

“The Global Village was really enjoyable because it made me think.”

“I liked moving around the different stations. The video clips made me wish I was there.”

“Finding out interesting facts about how people work many hours making clothes motivated me to try and help them get a better life.”

Bright Sparks

Small group support for children to improve their reading and number work.

“My son is a lot more confident now. I think it would benefit other children.”

“My children love going to Bright Sparks. They have improved in Maths and English. Thank you.”

“Our son’s reading has vastly improved. While he does his maths he is confident. We feel his overall confidence has also come on.”

“Our son is doing better since he started in Bright Sparks. He enjoys going and feels it’s made a difference with some of the things he struggles with. It has helped him become more confident with reading and maths. It’s also been good for us to be able to come along to the Parent Open House and see what they’re doing. We are glad Bright Sparks is around.”

“I like my son going to Bright Sparks because they help him with his reading, writing and maths; it also builds his confidence.”

“Since my son joined Bright Sparks I have noticed a marked improvement in his confidence leading to improvements in maths and language work. He seems more open to trying and even seems to enjoy maths now.”

“Bright Sparks has been really supportive of my son’s learning needs. He has become more confident in his work and being able to ask for help if he doesn’t understand something. Now feeling less stressed, he’s looking forward to secondary school and any challenges he may face. I think it’s great that there will now be more schools taking part in this wonderful group, as every child needs a little help now and again.

School Staff
“The children enjoy going to Bright Sparks and the activities are well matched to abilities. The tutors are able to give more individual time and focus on specific difficulties. The children respond positively to this small group work. Children are very aware that Bright Sparks is an extension of their education. This has been a very positive experience for the children involved and the school.” Headteacher

“We have seen improvement in the children’s progress in maths and language as you might expect. But more interestingly was the change we could see in children’s attitude to learning, they were all keen to attend every week and it did not make them feel ‘different’ in a negative way at all. It was also really interesting to see a marked improvement in some of the children’s behavior in school, in particular the boys, who seemed to grow emotionally and matured in their attitude towards their own learning and consequently in how they behaved in and out of the classroom. This programme is of a great benefit to our pupils, teachers, and school as well as the local community as it helps young people to grow in confidence in their own abilities and improves their lives and the lives of their families. A big thank you to all your volunteers who give up their time to share their passion and expertise in the education of our young people.” Deputy Headteacher

“Bright Sparks is an ideal opportunity to have quality interaction with pupils without the burden of masses of paperwork. It is very rewarding to see pupils engaging in the work and to see the progress.”

“I am really enjoying being part of Bright Sparks. I have always loved teaching and it’s great to be able to still put my talent to use and feel I’m doing something to help and encourage kids who have fallen behind. Not having any of the planning to do means I just have the time to work with the kids and that’s the best bit!”

Networking Marketplace

Find the people and organisations you need.


“As an educator it was great to meet organizations in the community that we can
link with and I enjoyed my hand massage, thank you!” 

Third Sector 

“It was great getting to speak to people face to face and catch up or meet them for the first
time. I gained valuable contacts and an insight to what areas would need my services.”

Building Resilience

To build recovery, resilience and re-connection in children and their families.

Building Resilience event participant

"I found it really helpful and stimulating, and I’d like to encourage you to offer it again.  It was helpful having some of these tools reinforced, and I’m keen to share them with colleagues.”  


“Enjoy taking time for yourself and knowing that self-care is important. We don’t’ take time for ourselves.”

“I now walk away from situations. I’ve not been happy for years but now I don’t care what other people think – I value myself.”

“I learnt that it is important to take care of myself, so that I can be a significant adult for my


“Writing worries is a great idea. Some children don’t share their feelings. Writing worries is also a good opportunity to discuss who to go to when they need help.”

Networking Market
Building Resilience
Building Blocks
Building Blocks

Empowering and equipping parents with their children’s learning.


“I liked the games with numbers and the number square. I liked having Mum and Dad in school with me”



“I liked playing games and tasting different healthy foods. I liked spending time with Mum.”


“It was great to meet other parents. I now say hi to other parents at the school gate who I never spoke to before.”


“It felt great to see my kid enjoying the games and I can play them at home with him now.”

Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks is a series of creative workshops promoting mental wellbeing.


"When you do Art, anything can happen!"

Creative Sparks
Pyjama Parties

Pyjama Party is for parents and children to learn together and enjoy fun bedtime routines.


“The hot chocolate was really yummy! I liked mum reading a story to me.”


“I have really struggled to get my kid off their tech at bedtime. This has shown me how to spend time with my kids not on tech.”


“I never had a bedtime routine when I was a kid and this has shown me how to do it with my kids, I really enjoyed the cuddles and stories.”

Pyjama Parties
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